3D Gelatin BY Chef Rafaela brings you an option to amazing art

Our products meet your expectations( Original Gubia Aguja)

Chef: Rafaela ''Said with passion and love you do better''

Learn with the best tools,and get the right results

Chef Rafaela become the family tradition artisan dessert into 3D Gelatin Edible Art™

Chef: Rafaela creator of the 3D Gelatin Technique with over of more the 30 years experience in the industry share with you all the knowledge throughout her classes and e-books, techniques to make the 3D Gelatin edible art. She teaches from making a simple gelatin, to making any tools to make this art, such as flexible gouges, the gouge needle (Gubia aguja) and many more issues related with the 3d Gelatin edible art.
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