” The Beauty of 3D Gelatin Sculpture” Details



“THE BEAUTY OF 3D GELATIN SCULPTURES” is an e-book where the author, artist and creator of the 3D Gelatin Sculpting Technique Rafaela Vega Avilez, devotes her passion to this art, which makes it more than thirty years. In this e-book; She not only teaches you how to sculpt 3D gelatin sculptures, she teaches in depth her technique with no secrets behind leading the reader to create the edible sculptures in a creative way. The lessons of the sculpting of this e-book are step by step, from basic to advance to do any project in the field of 3D Gelatin desserts. The goal of these step by step lessons is guide the reader to make the basic sculpting gelatin such as, a Mexican piñata in gelatin through the advanced such as the hum-bird. Additionally, the lessons that, Rafaela designs of artisan encapsulated flowers in this eBook are step by step, with the visual method images. For example, the lesson of elegant calla lily flower, water lily, tulip and many more and I hope you enjoy this purchase and develop your creativity. Just lets go out, the artist that is inside you and see the gelatin as your canvas just create with passion and love.