Welcome to our section of 3D GELATIN ART TOOLS ™ .

Our tools are original and each of them were designed by the chef Rafaela, before going on sale each tool is tested and approved by the artist and chef Rafaela who is making craft tools since 1980. When Chef: Rafaela designs the tools she, carefully designs every detail, space, size, quality and finish before going on sale to the public and tested them several times by her in order to ensure the success of it. Our tools are handmade and each tool is personalized because none are alike because each piece is made individually. By using our tools, you will notice the difference, as they are made of stainless steel and they are as thin as a razor blade therefore it gives that natural touch to the encapsulated flowers in 3D Gelatin edible art distinguished from others in the market. Our goal is to reach the expectations of our customers and fans so Chef, Rafaela design these tools based on their experience and lessons of its electronic books published several years ago in order to facilitate the learning of their students and followers.
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” With  passion and love you do better ” Chef: Rafaela