According to the motto of the artist Rafaela, ‘’Gelatin is your canvas just create with passion and love’’.

Rafaela e-books and classes are dedicated to strive and create any 3D Gelatin dessert into art, until you make your 3D Gelatin desserts stand out from others, just like an artist creates a painting on a canvas with passion and love.
Making 3D gelatin encapsulated flowers is one of the most wonderful, easy, and enjoyable ways to make a dessert and piece of art. In Rafaela’s e-Books, you will learn how to make a variety of flowers inside gelatin desserts. In addition to this, you will learn her exclusive techniques such as the 3D Gelatin Sculpting Technique ™, besides other exclusive techniques that she created to make a piece of truly 3D Gelatin edible Art™. With Rafaela’s easy-to-follow instructions, you will be making extraordinary artistic gelatin in no time! You will be able to make anything from Encapsulated  Flowers of Gelatin Art™to marvelous encapsulated sculptures in 3D Gelatin™. Moreover, with the original 3D Gelatin Art tools ™ that, Rafaela create such as thin knives, gouge spoon, flexible spoon, and gouge needle (gubia aguja). The artist creates, these tools based in her ideas implied in her e-books, to facilitate to the costumers an easy way to make the encapsulated gelatin flowers. The art of gelatin today is an alternative to make desserts, in a healthy way.

These artistic gelatin are perfect for birthday parties, weddings, reunions and more. Not only do these flowers amaze your guests, but also, their appetites will be completely satisfied since the artistic gelatin Flowers are 100% edible and extremely delicious. In addition, these e-books feature advice on choosing the best edible gelatin art ingredients, tips, and tools for your need, plus the lessons, which the Artist Rafaela designed with step-by-step instructions to make the perfect 3D Gelatin edible art  flowers. These e-books are available in English, and Spanish.